A conservative I like…

There are a few sites that I read daily, without fail.  The Daily Dish is one of them.  Andrew Sullivan, a granddaddy of political blogging, comments on the latest current events and carries the torch of true conservatism.  A self-described “conservative of doubt,” Andrew, a devout Catholic, decries the Republican Party’s slavish devotion to Christianist ideology and defends rational conservative thought from the mind-numbing vitriol of the Limbaugh-Coulter-Hannity wing of the GOP.

His pugnacious unwillingness to relent to party line politics has earned him a reputation among some of his “conservative” peers as being borderline hysterical.  And perhaps sometimes he should let some things go.  But I give him his props for being among the first of the early supporters of the Iraq War to admit that our reasons for initiating the incursion were, at best, shaky and not supported by factual evidence.

And no one has been as vocal a critic of the Bush administration’s degenerate and deliberate policy of torture.  He gets that the decision to undertake a program of torture, literally inspired by and based on techniques perfected by past enemies of this nation, has effects far beyond the debilitating and sometimes fatal results to individuals.  He recognizes that America’s moral standing in the world has also suffered, and that only a repudiation of this barbaric practice can enable us to seek again, with any sincerity, the mantle of “leader of the free world.”

You’re liable to see many links to Andrew’s blog here.  I don’t agree with everything he writes, but generally his centrist worldview is an appealing, refreshing break from the politics of hate so often peddled by the so-called “right.”


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