The definitive resource for rumor control

The Urban Legends Reference Page, for short, is a must-visit site for debunking the latest rumor, gossip, and innuendo.  The site has been around for ages, almost as long as The Internets.  With meticulously researched articles disproving or upholding even some of the newest urban legends, it’s a great way to piss off your Uncle Dwayne when you call bullshit on his favorite stories about lobsters and gerbils.


2 Responses to “The definitive resource for rumor control”

  1. CR Says:

    To begin with, no fair. I just read the October 17 post. However, I had read this particular post some days ago and it took me some time to track down the appropriate xkcd comic for the comment.

    I, too, fell to the seduction of for many, many years, but sometime last year I noted that their selections had a decidedly pro-conservative outlook. I don’t claim to have the best Bloody Mary(trademark) crap detector, but when something begins to smell like Fox News, I tend to steer clear of it.

  2. jeffbowers Says:

    Awesome xkcd cross-reference. I haven’t really noticed the conservative bent of snopes. Maybe it’s more the political climate of the last 8 years driving the agenda: with the secrecy of the Bush administration, the folks at snopes probably process a lot of conspiracy theories for which the responses sound like an apology for so-called conservative policies (which are anything but!). It would be interesting to see if you notice the same bias in posts from the 90s. But who has the time?

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