Republicans voting for Obama

An online documentary project highlighting Conservatives for Change who, despite being dyed-in-the-wool Republicans, plan to vote for Obama.  Apart from the fact that I believe they’re making the best choice, it’s simply a welcome change to see heartfelt, opinionated and educated conservatives who are presenting reasoned arguments instead of spewing hate.

I really like the term social traditionalist that one of the interviewees applies to himself: it seems to capture the spirit of pro-life, pro-hetero, and pro-faith views in which many Republicans profess to believe.  Even if I don’t share their perspectives on my right to marry, a woman’s right to make significant life decisions, and the rights of all to worship their god in their own way (or not at all), I can work with social traditionalists; but in today’s climate of intolerance and criminalization, there’s not much room to maneuver with religious fundamentalists.

Maybe these “conservatives for change” are one half of the kernel of a new majority in America, one that sees pragmatism as a virtue and for whom the fringe elements in political discourse hold little appeal.  There have been periods in history when we have swept aside our differences and achieved common purposes.  It’s not impossible to think that we have an opportunity again to reveal our greatness as a nation.

[Via Andrew Sullivan]


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