Protesting with your feet

It’s fitting that a video of an Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at George W. Bush will be one of our last memories of the 43rd president.  Watch for how this action will manifest itself in protests — both serious and humorous — back home in the States and perhaps elsewhere in the world.  This one’s going to have legs… err, feet.


One Response to “Protesting with your feet”

  1. Dok Says:

    One guy’s observation: The reporter’s gross disrespect is bullshit.

    There are lots of reasons to dislike the President, but the reporters action was also disrespectful of the THOUSANDS of American soldiers who have died to pull these people out of a brutal dictatorship, then found themselves keeping three factions apart in a civil war. Plus we have one less nation seeking to eliminate Israel.

    This was a press conference in Iraq. The guy who threw the shoes was roughed up, but not killed. His family was not thrown into a wood chipper (all punishments for losing Olympic teams in the old regime) Think about this.

    In the Baath era, there would be no press conferences, no access to a US and Iraqi ELECTED president, and the reporter would have ended up in cut up in front of his family and fed to the dogs.

    Thanks America.

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