“Please don’t divorce us”

Not content with merely passing Prop 8 in California, some people are filing suit to invalidate the thousands of gay marriages that took place between the state’s Supreme Court ruling to end the ban on gay marriage last May and the passage of Prop 8.  Hilzoy has a few choice words for folks who have nothing better to do than tear down others’ loving marital bonds.  Maybe such people should actually see the faces of couples and families who would be impacted if the hateful lawsuit is successful.  It’s probably too much to expect hardened hearts to soften, but if these pictures from the Courage Campaign don’t do it, nothing will.

[Via Slog]


One Response to ““Please don’t divorce us””

  1. Bud Oracle Says:

    It’s a shame what people will do to spoil someone else’s happiness. It is so much better up here that there is no public disgust or even anyone takes notice.

    for me it brings joy to see people holding hands, without looking to see whose hands they are holding

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