Today’s PC silliness

Great Britain seems to be widening its lead over the rest of the world  in promoting politically correct or “nanny state” solutions to social problems.  This time our friends from across the pond, specifically the town of Sheffield, have decided that a newly constructed school is no longer a school, but instead it is “a place for learning.”  Apparently the use of the word school, with all its horribly negative connotations, is a de-motivator for kids to learn.

Presumably detention will henceforth be dubbed “after-learning gatherings.”


One Response to “Today’s PC silliness”

  1. danmihalache Says:

    oh, don’t be so distressed about it! after all the children today are not very interested nor in school nor in culture as in past times. indeed, to change the word doesn’n mean to change the things. but they probably thought at the celtic hero who built a wood ship without an axe or saw, but with words.
    on the other hand, think how hitler fascinated and drew a big nation to fight, to kill and to die through some stupid words. here it is some of his “philosophy”:
    “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”

    but it realy worked.

    best regards, dan, romania

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