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Guy Walks Across America

July 25, 2010

Sure it’s been done, but has it been captured on stop-motion video before?

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You and Your Johnson

July 4, 2010

And your outboard motor, too.

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Fast Lane

June 27, 2010

Yet another fun VW ad.  I’m sure their lawyers had conniptions about the premise for this one.

Czech rugby ad

May 23, 2010

Too true.


Mukhtar’s birthday

May 18, 2010

A bus driver in Copenhagen gets a wonderful birthday surprise.

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Nice graphic design work

May 5, 2010


Truth in advertising: mobile home commercial

May 1, 2010

Surfing Sheep

April 28, 2010

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Embrace Life

February 9, 2010

An odd, but effective, British PSA for seatbelts.

Got information?

February 9, 2010

From Keiichi Matsuda’s vimeo page:

A film produced for my final year Masters in Architecture, part of a larger project about the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality.

I can’t really add much to that, except to say that I hope the future isn’t so… busy.

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