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Eco-Grinch Infographic

December 24, 2009

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Tactical Nuclear Penguin

December 10, 2009

From BrewDog, Tactical Nuclear Penguin is only the strongest beer in the world at a whopping 32% alcohol content (that’s 64 proof for you imbibers of liquor).  Watch as wacky brewers from Scotland show how it’s made.  BrewDog also makes a low-alcohol beer called Nanny State.

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Boner killer

March 27, 2009

He said no!


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Nanny state overreach

March 26, 2009

OK, so it’s not cool for a 14-year old girl to post nude pics of herself on the web (ditto for you 14-year old boys).  But regardless of her age, it’s beyond belief that she could be charged with a felony for posting her naughty bits online.  What are authorities thinking, threatening her with sex offender status for life?  Even if it’s inappropriate and stupid for her to bare all on the net, such actions hardly rise to the level of a major crime.  This is a gross misapplication of the law that has no foundation in justice.

Social networking online is a revolution in communication and information sharing, and as the old saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  True that, but breaches of said responsibility should not result in life-altering punishment.  Stigmatizing irresponsible behavior is one thing; ruining people’s lives for it is quite another matter altogether.

The Phelps pot fooferaw

February 2, 2009

Sullivan also has a smart opinion about the revelations that [gasp!] Michael Phelps parties:

And yet this absurd ritual takes place in which Phelps has to pretend he did something dreadful and we all have to tut-tut and frown and furrow our brows, and the sponsors cluck and the press preens – while the only conceivable news is that a 23 year-old had a good time at a party, breaking no professional rules since he was not competing when he was goofing off.

My guess is that this will blow over quickly.  Phelps is just too rich of a cash cow.  His corporate overlords will not allow his career to be slaughtered — certainly not in the name of a failed drug policy.

Today’s PC silliness

January 4, 2009

Great Britain seems to be widening its lead over the rest of the world  in promoting politically correct or “nanny state” solutions to social problems.  This time our friends from across the pond, specifically the town of Sheffield, have decided that a newly constructed school is no longer a school, but instead it is “a place for learning.”  Apparently the use of the word school, with all its horribly negative connotations, is a de-motivator for kids to learn.

Presumably detention will henceforth be dubbed “after-learning gatherings.”