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Yes We Can

January 19, 2009

A clever take on the Obama campaign slogan by artist Laura Cline and self-described “t-shirt promoter” Karl Long.  Buy the shirt here.


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Cadillac One, aka Obamobile

January 9, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama is getting a new pimped-out ride, a fully armored, hermetically-sealed Cadillac with all sorts of cool gadgets.  The car (light tank?) will travel wherever Obama visits worldwide to protect him in motorcades.  The Obamobile only gets 8 mpg, but it’s not like he has a long daily commute so greens can cut him a little slack.

Flu trends

November 13, 2008

Google has unveiled its new flu tracking site based on search term input.  Every time one of us types in “flu” or “achy fever” on Google, the search is aggregated with other relevant search data and mapped to show early outbreaks of the disease.  Bookofjoe highlights a couple of articles on the new service, which will help public health professionals better mobilize for the next flu season and may even aid in the response for any future flu pandemic.

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid in 2009

November 11, 2008

I showed off the MP3 last month, but it looks like Piaggio will move to the next level and mass produce the first plug-in hybrid scooter in 2009.  It is being touted as capable of getting 140 mpg.  Not too shabby!  This might be just the nudge I need to purchase one of these 3-wheeled scooters, especially if gas prices go up again (which they almost surely will).

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Blue rose

November 7, 2008

As a result of genetic engineering, it now exists.

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When ugly shoes breed

October 26, 2008

Two of the biggest (and most tragic) fads in footwear, Uggs and Crocs, have seemingly merged in the latest offering by Crocs — winter boots.  Now you can dress like a three-year-old and keep your feet warm, all with the same shoe.  Brilliant!