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Monster chess

June 13, 2010

A giant robotic chess set.  Made out of Legos.

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The problem with time travel

May 1, 2010

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The Pale Blue Dot

April 10, 2010

It’s all about perspective.

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Not a spiral

April 4, 2010

Cool optical illusion.  It looks like a continuous spiral, but it’s really a series of concentric circles.

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Nature by Numbers

March 25, 2010


Get into the groove

March 4, 2010

Vinyl record grooves as seen through an electron microscope.

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Physics experiment

January 11, 2010

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Spherical immersive video

January 9, 2010

Immersive Media shows off several demos of its video technology that allows 360° viewing.

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The Known Universe

December 19, 2009

A beautiful showcase of the cosmos by the American Museum of Natural History.

Double pendulum

November 30, 2009

Interesting.  This simple contraption undergoes chaotic motion for more than 9 minutes based on one robust push.

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