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One year on

October 12, 2009

Happy anniversary to Zeitgeist in a Petiole!  A year ago today I stopped merely thinking about starting a link blog and I just did it, and I have to say it’s been a lot of fun so far.  While still very much a small affair, Zeitgeist has received steady traffic from other blogs and email forwards over the course of the year.  25,000 page views may not be a lot, even for other hobby blogs, but that number is far more than I’d expected and it’s gratifying to see continued interest.  I’ll try to keep more of the good stuff coming.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


New header photo

August 23, 2009

I changed the photo in the blog header… not sure what I think yet, but it might be a bit busy with the text.  I may dink more with the format another time.  The photo comes from brewbooks’ flickr photostream.

Shedding skin

August 18, 2009

I feel a change coming to the appearance of the blog.  Not sure what that means yet, but we’ll see 🙂

I was going to make some aesthetic tweaks anyway for Zeitgeist in a Petiole‘s first anniversary, so maybe it will be a few weeks yet.  In any event, change is a comin’.

A sad story of a hoarder

November 6, 2008

This is the one of the worst accounts I’ve seen of compulsive hoarding, a tendency to excessively accumulate possessions.  In this case a man was unable to throw anything out, and his home became a maze of refuse.  Unfortunately his story has a predictably tragic end.

What is up with the name of this blog?

October 14, 2008

Good question.  My chief goal in writing the blog is to show what’s hot and innovative in the world, whether it be a new gadget, a fresh idea or viewpoint, or just a timely joke.  The word zeitgeist bubbled up as a name since I’m trying, over time and in my own little way, to reflect the culture and environment in which we live by showing content with relevance to issues of the day.  The phrase “zeitgeist in a petiole” speaks to the organic nature of the development of trends and historical patterns, using plant growth and fractals as models for history.  Hey, I’m a gardening geek… I think of everything in terms related to seeds, stems and leaves.

But I also wanted to use the blog as a platform to express myself, as well as just have a bit of fun.  I may have high-falutin’ ideas about the presentation of the site, but at the end of the day it’s mostly just about what I find interesting, humorous, original, and stunningly beautiful.  I look forward to watching the blog… well, grow.


October 12, 2008

Welcome to my new and only blog, Zeitgeist in a Petiole (henceforth called ZiaP for ease of typing), a collection of links, pics, videos, news, thoughts, discussion, jokes and occasional rants.  What’s it about?  It’s an exploration of culture, particularly the intersection of net culture with the physical and social world as we traditionally experience it.

Much more simply put, this blog is dedicated to showing the best and newest additions to our collective human, national and global cultures.  I view the internet as a rich environment for discovering the zeitgeists of the day, those spirits of our time (of which there are many), expressed and often shaped by popular viral emails and internet memes.  We’ve all seen online the most beautiful anecdotes of human grace and kindness.  We’ve laughed our collective asses off at so many people and animals doing the funniest things.  We have also all experienced online inhumanity, from the debased posturing of internet trolls to ghastly examples of the terrible injuries people can inflict upon one another.  These stories have always existed, but now they are shared worldwide — often instantaneously.

The majority of posts will be links I’ve found to be of special note or on the bleeding edge of happenings as viewed online.  I will occasionally interject with an opinion or maybe a snippet about myself.  I should warn all readers that I have been told by friends that I have a most irreverent sense of humor.  I don’t really see it, but suffice it to say that there are no sacred cows here.  I’ve also been told I can cuss a blue streak.  Suffice it to say I won’t be blanking out any words, either.  Same goes for pics and videos.  Just consider the everpresent potential of a post being NSFW.  If you’re offended, I hope you’ll simply move on to the next post and not to the next blog.

I will attempt to comply with all rules of attribution and copyright laws, but I hope folks will cut me some slack as I learn the ins and outs of linking to other material.  A polite request to remove a linked post will most likely be met with a polite, compliant response.

Finally, a note of thanks to all who are on my various email lists and whose inboxes will undoubtedly fill up less quickly with the start of my posting to ZiaP in lieu of email.  I appreciate your tolerance of the occasional “irrational exuberance” in my email forwarding habits.  I still hope that you’ll let me know how you like/agree with/disagree with/detest the points of view expressed in the posts, even if “Take me off your fucking mail list!” is no longer a helpful suggestion.

Cheers, and enjoy the blog!